Community Outreach

Alongside productions Dark Horse offers process workshops for all age groups with directors and casts, giving audience members an exciting look at the playwriting, rehearsal and production process. Of great interest to theatre, writing and social groups Dark Horse shares theatre skills expertise with people of all ages in all kinds of settings, bringing a thrilling taste of the work and the ethos, to complement the experience of the show.

Dark Horse regularly inputs into University and drama school courses and seminars and workshops are tailored to suit particular requirements.

The older generation, interested in the company’s work and keen to be challenged, are particularly inspired by Dark Horses’ insight into storytelling, performance and physicality and workshops are delivered in all contexts and at times to suit.

Dark Horse also works with young people in all kinds of theatrical, educational and social settings and is a friend of the Arts Award scheme and can help young people to gain credits towards this nationally acknowledged award.

For further information please:

(t) 01484 484 441