Actions speak louder than words

Dark Horse trains learning disabled actors at the highest, vocational level.

The silent approach, a groundbreaking rehearsal room method, is used cross company. Whole days can pass in the rehearsal room without the need for words at all. The silent approach is accessible, physical, emotional and honest, with the objective of representing real human beings, live and in the moment, on stage, TV and film.

Hand in hand with the silent approach, the actor scheme, a competency based system for actor training, is used to develop and evaluate key skills in Stanislavsky based method. Dark Horse actors are trained in voice, movement, acting technique, ensemble skills, acting for camera and radio, text and character transformation.

The training is unique and revolutionary and gives Dark Horse actors the tools they need to work in rehearsal rooms and TV and sound studios on equal terms with non learning disabled actors.

Graduates of Dark Horse’s two year foundation acting course, affiliated to National Conference of Drama Schools college the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts, have worked in regional and national touring theatre, on television and in film.

Dark Horse applies the silent approach to all production rehearsal processes, believing in doing, not talking, trying out, not analysing, creating an environment in which designers, writers, directors, composers and actors can work together in an exciting, human and dynamic way.