June 2012
Written and directed by: Vanessa Brooks
Designed by: Kevin Jenkins
Original score composed by: Loz Kaye

Abundance. Love. Happiness, harmony and peace are all put at risk when the crops fail, and the blaming begins.

September survives the unthinkable war and walks
in a post apocalyptic world where ancient superstition
and belief take the place of  money, work and society.

Favoured at first, she finds herself at odds with her
new found family, as sister suspects sister, and fire,
source of all life, becomes a much more sinister tool.

A high octane, world premiere drama in the round.


‘Genuinely moving performances from a company definitely going places.’

- Yorkshire Post -

‘A thought evoking, emotional, fast paced and hard-hitting play.  If you are a student of life, of acting, of people- this play will give you something to think about.  The silences are as powerful as the words themselves.

- Dig Yorkshire -