Pilot Tour 2010, National Tour 2011
Written and Directed by: Vanessa Brooks
Designed by: Kevin Jenkins
Music composed by: Loz Kaye
Pilot tour stills photography by: Angus Deuchar
National tour stills photography by: Amanda Crowther

Andernach, Nazi Germany, the harsh winter of 1940, the hospital for hereditary and incurable diseases. Oskar Weltz, long time patient, digs two holes into the surface of the frozen lake outside,  and a competition begins. Between heat and cold, life and death.



‘"Powerful in both what is and isn't said"’

Dig Yorkshire - 5 star review - 2011

‘"I want to see it again to see the bits I missed. Empathy, love, hate we had it all. An amazing cast and production team."’

Dukes Lancaster Theatre - Website - 2011

‘"Theatre at its most powerful. Deserves to be widely seen."’

Huddersfield Examiner - 2011

‘"A wonderful piece of work. The play is very powerful. It's stayed with us and grown over the process of time. Some plays do that don't they? When they are rich."’

Susannah Harker - Film and theatre actor and Dark Horse Patron - 2011