‘A theatre company that believes that theatre can bring about positive change by helping people see the world differently.’


Dark Horse theatre company premier original work, with an ensemble of 9 exceptional actors with learning disabilities and non – learning disabled actors from the wider industry. We produce work to tour nationally that is visually impactful and has a reputation of surprise, innovation and the ability to reverse expectations.

Dark Horse is also a leading vocational trainer of actors with learning disabilities and develops skills in preparation for work in the industry. Interested in a career as an actor? Take a look at our Train & Learn section

Originally created in 1998 as Full Body and the Voice, the company underwent rebranding in 2012 to become Dark Horse. The company has continued to develop into a leading provider in our field, with over 20 years experience under our belt.

Steering Committee

Meghan Denton

Rebekah Hill

Mark Craven

Sarah Bedford

Alice Rodgers

Joe Sproulle

Firielle Al Ju’beh

Toby Meredith

Paul Wilson

Our Team

Iain Bloomfield

Executive Director


Amy Cunningham

Creative Director

Ekaterina Chokova

Audience and Outreach Manager

Tilda O'Grady

Actor Training Lead

Shoshana Jones

Rehearsal Room Assistant

Dan Cox

IGNITE Theatre Manager

Henry Bryan

Assistant Facilitator