‘A theatre company that believes that theatre can bring about positive change by helping people see the world differently.’


Dark Horse theatre company premier original work, with an ensemble of 8 exceptional actors with learning disabilities and non – learning disabled actors from the wider industry. We produce work to tour nationally that is visually impactful and has a reputation of surprise, innovation and the ability to reverse expectations.

Dark Horse is also a leading vocational trainer of actors with learning disabilities and develops skills in preparation for work in the industry. Interested in a career as an actor? Take a look at our Train & Learn section

Originally created in 1998 as Full Body and the Voice, the company underwent rebranding in 2012 to become Dark Horse. The company has continued to develop into a leading provider in our field, with over 20 years experience under our belt.

Our <em><strong>Team</strong></em>


Lynda Hornsby

Executive Director


Katie Wallis

Administrator/PA to Executive Director


Amy Cunningham

Artistic Lead

Margaret Thompson

Volunteer Finance Assistant

erica@darkhorsetheatre.co.uk Erica Taylor

Young Company & Rehearsal Room Assistant